Eyelash Extension Methods - Learn The Most Popular Techniques

Eyelash Extension Methods - Learn The Most Popular Techniques

Eyelash extensions have become one of the most sought-after services offered by beauty salons over the past few years. The schedules of most lash artists are bursting at the seams, yet many women are still hesitant about whether lash extensions are something for them. The stereotype of false lashes still worries many of us but is it right? Today you will learn about professional eyelash extensions, as well as DIY lash extension methods for home use.

Eyelash extensions - beautiful eyelashes for everyone

False eyelashes should long ago cease to be associated with exaggerated and dramatic effects. Modern eyelash extension methods are diverse and developed to fit every type of eye and satisfy every client. Their durability and great make beauty salons full. In addition, you can also choose from strip lashes, magnetic eyelashes, and the hit of recent times - cluster lashes for DIY lash extensions at home. So there is plenty to choose from!

DIY Lash extensions
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Eyelash extension methods

There are three main methods of eyelash extensions - classic, volume, and hybrid. The difference between these techniques lies in the number of lashes used and their type. With the help of each of them, you can create different gorgeous looks.

  • Eyelash extensions - classic method

The classic method of eyelash extensions is often called the 1:1 eyelash extension method as involves attaching one false eyelash to one natural lash. The main result of this method is a very natural effect of carefully mascaraed, curled, and longer lashes, and a thicker-looking lash line.

  • Eyelash extensions - volume method

The volume method aims to thicken the eyelashes significantly. It is divided into light volumes (2D, 3D) and large volumes (4-8D). Similar to the classic method, false eyelashes are glued to real ones. In this case, more than one false eyelash is attached to one natural one (2D - two false eyelashes to one real one, 3D - three eyelashes to one, etc.). The effects of the volume method are more noticeable than in the case of the 1:1 method. The lashes selected for this method are usually lighter and more narrow at the base so that they do not overburden the eye and still look natural.

  • Eyelash extensions - hybrid method

Eyelash extensions using the hybrid method involve mixing the lengths and thickness of false eyelashes applied. One thicker false lash is attached to one natural one, then several thinner lashes are glued to the next real eyelash. You get a subtle volume while keeping the effect as natural as possible.

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The Most Popular Techniques eyelash extension

What other eyelash extension methods do we distinguish?

  • DIY cluster lashes

DIY cluster lashes for home use are an innovative and instant eyelash extension method. The synthetic lashes are set on short and flexible strips. Unlike typical strip eyelashes, these lash clusters for DIY application are applied underneath real eyelashes. This is an extremely important feature as the effects turn out very natural and the joints of the eyelash clusters are invisible. Separating them into segments is also very convenient when applying the lashes. You'll need several accessories for applying your DIY cluster lashes. You can buy them separately or in special kits. They are:

  1. A bonder that replaces traditional eyelash glue. It is applied along the entire length of natural lashes or from the root to half their length (the choice is yours), and its tacky formula allows you to attach the false cluster to real lashes. This glue does not dry out as you apply the lashes, so you don't have to rush and worry that the lashes are not attached properly.
  2. A sealer that neutralizes the tackiness of the bonder after the eyelash clusters are applied. It is also responsible for making the finished look more durable. It is applied to the lashes where the bonder was previously applied.
  3. An ergonomic applicator that facilitates fuzing false eyelashes with the real ones. It has specially shaped tips that make the application easier and ensure the glue binds the lashes even better.
  4. A remover is a product that allows you to take off the clusters conveniently and quickly.

False eyelashes for self-application (DIY) - Starter Kit
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DIY eyelash clusters are a good option for anyone who wishes for more lasting extensions than strip or magnetic lashes. The cluster eyelashes last about 5 days and with good care and caution, the lifespan of the application can be even longer. The products used to stick the eyelash clusters do not come into contact with the delicate eyelid skin.

  • Strip eyelashes

Strip eyelashes are the oldest eyelash extension method. The false lashes are set on a long strip that is glued directly to the eyelid above the natural lash line. This requires a special false lash glue applied along the entire length of the strip. The eyelashes are pressed gently against the eyelid and then you have to wait for the glue to dry. The strip can, of course, be cut to fit your eye. At the end of the day, simply peel the lashes off the eyelid.

This is a popular method but it has its minor drawbacks. The glue used to apply the eyelashes tends to oxidize, so during the day it can become visible and does not look very pleasing. The strip very often peels off at the corners of the eyes during the day which can irritate the eyelid since the strips are very often quite stiff. It is also a short-lived lash extension method that lasts only one day. 

  • Magnetic eyelashes

Strip and magnetic eyelashes are very similar eyelash extension methods. They differ only in application. Unlike ordinary strip or cluster eyelashes, we do not use glue but a special eyeliner with iron particles in its formula. There are small magnets on the strips which are attracted by the eyeliner's formula.

This method of eyelash extensions is good and has many supporters but it also has some downsides. Users often complain about the unpleasant smell of the eyeliner which is noticeable even throughout the day. Cheap magnetic eyelashes come with large magnets which can be very visible at times. In addition, the application of magnetic eyelashes depends on the eyeliner and it does not always fit the shape of the eye, so it is not a method for everyone. The line must also be quite thick and not everyone is a fan of such strong makeup.

Eyelash extension methods - what else should you know about false eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions - how long do the effects last?

The average lifespan of eyelash extensions is about 1.5 months. A natural eyelash has its life cycle and lasts for an average of 3 months. On average, we lose 2-3 eyelashes per day, so you'll need a refill after 3-4 weeks. In the case of DIY cluster lashes, the lifespan is about 5 days, although it can be longer depending on the aftercare. Strip lashes and magnetic lashes are one-day options.

How long does getting eyelash extensions last?

The application time depends on the lash extension method, the skills of your lash artist, as well as the cooperation of the client. 1:1 eyelashes take up to 2 hours maximum. Eyelash extensions using the volume method range from 1.5 to 3 hours. Eyelash extensions with strip, magnetic, or DIY cluster lashes are a matter of just 10 minutes, especially once you are skilled. 

Remember that the success of styling eyelashes depends on several factors. They are the condition of your natural eyelashes, the skills of the stylist, and proper aftercare, which you could read more about here. It is also influenced by the selection of the right eyelash extension method, the materials used, and the time spent on eyelash extensions.

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